Virtuoso Event Policies

Code of Conduct

The Virtuoso network is synonymous with professionalism, and the following guidelines help us sustain, and create the professional atmosphere you expect at Virtuoso Events. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Attending Virtuoso Events constitutes agreement to these Code of Conduct standards and guidelines. Those who do not follow these guidelines may be asked to leave the event and could be prohibited from attending future Virtuoso events. 

Registration and Access 


  • Show I.D. at Registration.  We'll need to see proof of identification before giving you your official name badge and registration materials. 

  • Wear your name badge throughout the event.  No one will be allowed in the conference area without their name badge. Event staff will scan your badge as you enter our conference areas. 

  • Keep your name badge secure.  Treat it like your phone and wallet – keep it with you and keep it safe. 


  • Enter the conference area without your name badge.  If you lose yours, stop at an Information Desk for a replacement. 

  • Share your name badge.  We do check I.D. 

  • Ask us to hold items for you.  Please take all registration materials at the time you receive your name badge. We will not have a secure area to hold items. 


Attendee Roles and Guidelines 

When your company holds both Member and Partner membership in the Virtuoso network, you are welcome to register for events under either role. Please note that when registering, you can only select one role. If your company plans to attend under both roles, you’ll submit two registrations. Please ensure your company sends enough representation as one person cannot register twice and cover both roles at the event.  


  • Register for an event under only one role - either Member or Preferred Partner.

  • Conduct yourself in line with your registered role for the event, including your agenda and meetings. 


  • Represent multiple business roles or misrepresent your registered role at the event. 

  • Distribute business cards from companies not associated with your registration for the event. 

  • Promote non-Virtuoso products or services during the event. 


Professional Standards 


  • Conduct yourself professionally.  At all times, and throughout the event. 

  • Be polite and kind.  Treat all attendees, speakers, and Virtuoso team professionally, ethically, and respectfully. Please silence your phone and voice during presentations. 

  • Honor commitments.  This includes attending meetings, appointments, and events you agreed to attend. 

  • Seek to understand.  Aim to completely comprehend situations before jumping to any conclusions.  

  • Report non-compliance issues.  If you have a grievance, please notify us at any Virtuoso Desk or by emailing

  • Share positive feedback. We love to hear good stories from our network. Please share with any Virtuoso team member or by emailing


  • Be late or miss appointments.  Please be on time for all meetings, particularly for your Assigned and Matched appointments. 

  • Take calls during appointments.  For urgent matters, please step outside. 

  • Solicit for personal causes during appointments.  

  • Poach employees.  It is not acceptable to solicit others for employment or contract work while attending Virtuoso events. 

  • Poach clients.  It is not acceptable to solicit Advisors' clients for any reason while attending Virtuoso events. 

  • Participate in networking appointments with Advisors outside of your agency without the prior approval from each Advisor's agency Owner or Manager. 

  • Invite Advisors outside of your agency to events/parties during Virtuoso events or meetings without the prior approval of the Advisor's agency Owner or Manager.  

  • If and when speaking about your competition, please do not use disparaging comments. Promote your own unique selling points instead. 

Cancellation Policy

Your registration to attend a Virtuoso event is a commitment to attend. Your registration affects availability for other attendees because each event has limited capacity.   

After June 19, 2024, cancellation penalties apply if you:  

  • Cancel your registration  

  • Fail to complete your registration  

  • Fail to attend the event   

Virtuoso will not provide refunds for any portion of the event registration fee or accommodation costs. Cancellation penalties cannot be used as a credit toward a future event. Virtuoso encourages you to purchase travel insurance through one of our Preferred Partners to protect your travel investment.  

The last day to cancel or adjust your hotel reservation will be June 19, 2024.

After June 19, any cancelled room nights will not be refunded. 

If you are unable to attend, you can transfer your registration to another advisor within your company, without penalty, until June 19, 2024. After June 19, the below late registration transfer fees will be applied. 

Late Registration Transfer Fee (for Transfers between June 19-August 8): $100.00 USD
Late Registration Transfer Fee (for Transfers between August 9-August 16): $200.00 USD

Monday Casual Night and Gala Celebration of Luminaries, Legends, & Leaders:

Participation in these two events is subject to approval by Virtuoso. Confirmation emails will be released between June 12 through July 22. Your approval to attend one or both events is a commitment, and it affects the availability for other attendees because each event has limited capacity.
If your plans have changed and you no longer can attend either event, please remove the event you are no longer attending from your Agenda in your registration.
After July 25, a cancellation fee of $250.00 will apply if you:

  • Cancel your participation in one or both of these events
  • Fail to attend one or both of these events 

Health & Safety

Your health & safety are important to us.  With vaccination requirements around the globe constantly changing, Virtuoso defers to the local governmental jurisdiction regarding vaccination requirements for our events. For this event, vaccination is not currently required by the venue. Full vaccination from COVID-19 is NOT required to attend the event, at this time. 

Health regulations are subject to change without notice.
Virtuoso encourages you to stay up to date on the guidelines of the country you are traveling to. 
Reference the BeWise Travel Entry Guide for the latest travel entry regulations, vaccination, and mask mandates. 


With vaccination requirements and the globe constantly changing, Virtuoso defers to the local governmental jurisdiction regarding vaccination requirements for our events.  

For this event, vaccination is not currently required by the venue at this time. 

Virtuoso will continue to follow the recommendations of the local government authorities and the event venue's guidelines regarding face masks. Health guidelines and protocols are subject to change without notice. Virtuoso Events will make every attempt to communicate the most current guidelines prior to travel. Be sure to stay updated with local government authorities and regulations leading up to the event. Reference the BeWise Travel Entry Guide for the latest travel entry regulations, vaccination, and mask mandates.  

Testing options are within walking distance of the host hotels at CVS and Walgreens. If you are unable to make it to the offsite testing locations, MGM Resorts can provide on-site in-room testing options for guests at an additional charge.  

View the Health and Safety Commitment for Bellagio, Aria, Vdara and Cosmopolitan.


COVID-19 Disclosure and Waiver:
In response to ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19 and other potential diseases, you should be aware that there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, including currently unknown diseases, in any place where people are or have been present, even when all possible health and safety protocols are employed. COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and people with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. Virtuoso cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to and/or infected with COVID-19 or any other infectious diseases, including currently unknown diseases, at any stage of your participation in Virtuoso Travel Week, even when all possible health and safety protocols are employed. Virtuoso has consulted guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, Host Hotels, and other resources concerning appropriate health and safety protocols. Upon your request, Virtuoso will provide you with the best available information it has concerning these health and safety protocols, including protocols required by and utilized by Host Hotels. In addition, you acknowledge that Virtuoso does not oversee or control the policies and procedures that the hosting properties and other venues utilized by Virtuoso Travel Week have in effect, nor does Virtuoso control the manner in which these venues ensure that those policies and procedures are followed or enforced. Furthermore, even if Host Hotels and other venues utilized by Virtuoso Travel Week make a good faith effort to ensure compliance with those policies, some individuals (whether or not other participants in Virtuoso Travel Week or locals with whom you come into contact) may not follow the relevant health and safety protocols. Your registration for and your attendance at Virtuoso Travel Week constitutes your agreement that you assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, including currently unknown diseases, as provided for herein. By continuing your registration for Virtuoso Travel Week, you hereby release Virtuoso, its employees, agents, and representatives, from all claims, damages, and injuries arising out of Virtuoso’s, Host Hotels', or any other third party’s acts or omissions, and Virtuoso’s or Bellagio’s failure to implement, follow or enforce health and safety protocols, and/or your exposure to or infection with COVID-19 or any other infectious diseases, including currently unknown diseases. If you are unwilling to agree to the release provided for herein, please do not complete your Virtuoso Travel Week registration.

Video, Photo, and Audio Release

VIRTUOSO Ltd Video, Photo and Audio Release

When attending or participating in events or activities hosted or produced by Virtuoso Ltd. and its affiliates (“Virtuoso”), such as meetings, seminars, social events, exhibitions, banquets, excursions, cruises, or any other Virtuoso function (the "Activities"), your likeness may be captured in the normal course by such mediums as digital video, videotape, photography, voice recordings, etc. (the “Works”) by Virtuoso or its business partners, guests, invited speakers, and/or performers (the “Authorized Third Parties”).
You hereby agree that, by your participation in the Activities, you are granting Virtuoso and Authorized Third Parties an unlimited, unrestricted, and perpetual consent and permission to use, reuse, publish, republish, and/or modify your image, likeness, form, and/or voice in its production of advertising or trade materials in any medium (the "Works").
In addition, you acknowledge that, by your participation in the Activities, you are waiving any right you may have to inspect, review, proof, or approve of the Works, as well as any right you may have to compensation for use of your image, likeness, form, and/or voice in the Works. By registering for and participating in the Activities, you hereby expressly acknowledge that Virtuoso and the Authorized Third Parties shall have the free, unlimited, unrestricted, and uncompensated right to license, distribute, sell, or rent the Works, and agree to and hereby do release Virtuoso and the Authorized Third Parties with respect to any claim or interest you may have in the Works.

Guidelines for Table Decor

Virtuoso appreciates the creativity to bring attention to appointment tables. We hope the following guidelines provide clarity on acceptable table décor. Virtuoso works with our host hotels to ensure the safety of all Virtuoso-hosted event attendees. Please note the following items are NOT permitted:

  • Tablecloths or clings that will cover the color of the table
  • Pop-up banners, banners set on the floor, posters on easels
  • Rugs/carpets placed on the floor
  • Flooring clings attached to the floor
  • Balloons of any type
  • Coffee machines/baristas
  • Outside food that is more than 2 ounces
  • Marbles, balls, or other toys that may cause injury to attendees if they fall on the floor
  • Bulletin boards, dry erase boards, wagons, cars, or any other items that are placed on the floor that can obstruct the pathway of the aisles
  • Other items that could create a safety issue for attendees


As part of your networking experience, we are partnering with the Braindate platform to empower you to connect deeper through intentional conversations with your peers. To use this platform, you’ll need to opt-in to the following during your registration:

  • I agree to receive notifications and reminders related to my Braindate activity at Virtuoso Travel Week the peer-learning experience available to all Virtuoso Travel Week attendees.
  • I confirm that I have read the Braindate privacy policy and terms of service.
  • I allow for my profile to appear within the Braindate platform when other participants browse and search for attendees.